Launching of Outpatient Physiotherapy Centre by KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital

Kajang, 3 Oct 2014: If pain is a problem then physiotherapy is the solution. Study and experiences prove that physiotherapy has been a very effective tool against pains and injuries ranging from minor to major.

Physiotherapy not only helps us to be escaped from pains and injuries on table but it saves us from further such ailments. Healthcare professionals actually admit the importance of physiotherapy.

History being made when KPJ Kajang celebrated its first birth of external service; a dedicated Physiotherapy Centre for outpatients. Located at 2nd floor of Pusrawi SMC Sdn Bhd, this centre has been operated since 2nd June 2014. With 7 treatment cubicles, the centre was born to provide complete rehabilitation facilities including Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Situated in the heart of Kajang Town gives definite gain to easy access either by own transport or public.

“KPJ Kajang initiate the idea when we see our existing Physiotherapy Centre in our building could no longer cater the large volume of patients, and this turn out to inability to provide unfailing appointment requests. Hence with the new Outpatient Physiotherapy Centre with the strength of four highly-trained Physiotherapist, we aim to better serve all the outpatients while the inpatients being concentrated in the main building”, says Dr S. Balakrishnan, the Medical Director during the launching ceremony.

“Advantage of this relocation is that we can locate all the high tech equipment into the spacious centre. Among our signature equipment are the Therapeutic Medical Laser, Bionic Leg, and Alter G treadmill. All these are new in the market and so far we received overwhelming feedback from the patients”, says Noor Haslina Harun, the CEO.

Majority of the patients came for joint pain, healing program of post-operation, stroke, delay development in children, fracture, as well as for muscle strengthening, toning and  flexibility. The centre accept patient who walks in with referral letter or by appointment. “Upon registration, they will be evaluated for their condition, then plan of treatment shall be advised by the Physiotherapist. Treatment will later be delivered with continuous consultation”, says Pn Zuriatey Hudea Zainal Abidin, Head of Physiotherapy.

The centre also made available the relevant orthopaedic appliances such as back supporter, walking frame, electrical bed, commode, and many others to the patients by way of pre-order to cut down the hassle of retrieving such item elsewhere.

Other than that, KPJ Kajang also working of bringing in other services such as Occupational Therapy, Home Physiotherapy, and extension of operating hour in nearest time. They also plan to introduce service relating to woman’s health such as antenatal and post natal physiotherapy.

Patient can visit the centre at any time between 8:30AM to 5PM on weekdays and 8:30AM to 12:30PM on Saturday or call at 03-8769 2851.